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Carol Munse’s 20 year broadcasting career includes both radio and TV and eventually brought her happily to the radio station she grew up listening to, the #1 station in Washington DC - WMZQ. 

Carol spent 12 years at WMZQ.  She is proud to have been the first announcer on WMZQ to bring the midday shift to #1, and she held it there for years.  She is proud to have won the award for “Best Midday Show” in Washington DC.  She is proud of the skills she developed and sharpened over the years.

“I can tell you with great certainty that there are very few cities in the world which can rival Washington DC for the high standards and accountability they hold their broadcasters to.  The Washington DC ‘School of Hard Knocks’ is a fine institution, indeed!  I learned I had better have my facts straight.  Every time.  I learned that the phone will ring at least 30 times for each slip of the tongue!  However, the most valuable lessons were those I learned from our fundraisers for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  I learned how to use the microphone and my voice to get results.  It was obvious from the phone calls and pledges when I was effective and when I wasn’t.  I quickly saw that it’s not always what you say that matters, but rather how you say it.  I should mention that during my last several years at WMZQ we collected more than $1 million dollars with each of those fundraisers.  I believe that when you have learned how to motivate your listener to take an action, you have figured it out.”

Carol Munse made the choice to leave broadcasting to be a full-time mom.  She has a well-equipped home studio where she records hundreds of spots each year and as a typical type-A, she gives her best to every project.  She monitors email from 8am – 8pm EST almost daily and welcomes your questions and comments.

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