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“Great work, Carol!  They’re both excellent…the hard part is going to be choosing which to use!”    - President, CA Production Company

“It’s always a pleasure working with you!”  - Creative Services Director, KS TV Station

“You nailed these, Carol!  The read was perfect and the client loved it.  Thanks so much!”  - Creative Services Director, PA TV Station

“LOVELY!  My previous female announcer would have needed morphine to overcome the stress of this production.  Thanks.”  - Creative Services Director, HI TV Station

“Nice job!  You’re not only fast, but you’re good, too.  You go to the head of the class!”  - Executive Producer, NY Production Company

“Sounds perfect to me – they all do!  Great job.”  - Producer, NV TV Station

“We truly sound better with your voice.”  - Creative Services Director, WA TV Station

“You make my commercials way easier.  Plus, you sound like an angel to me!”  - Producer, CO TV Station

“The voiceovers are great.  Thanks for the quick turnaround!” – Executive Producer, AK Production Company

“HOLY COW!  Wow Carol, I wish all our voice talent was a quick as you are!  You rock!”  - Producer, ME TV Station

“These are great!  Exactly what we wanted!” – Executive Producer, FL Production Company

“Thanks Carol, and thank you as well for always having such quick turnaround on the audio.  Your work has been appreciated and it’s great having your voice to use in this market.”  - Creative Services Director, WI TV Station

“Your voice is always a tasty treat.” – Creative Services Director, HI TV Station

“Excellent voice!” – Marketing/Promotion Director, Washington DC TV Station

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